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RAQ THE BARRE®, by RaqiSa® 

Barre fitness | Belly dance technique 

Eva Brena - Certified & Licensed Instructor

SharQui The Belly Dance Workout®

Eva Brena- Certified & Licensed Instructor



Barre Fitness and Belly Dance Technique

RAQ THE BARRE™ by Raqisa®. Condition and tone your entire body from top-to-toe with a 45-minute cardio, core, barre workout inspired by authentic belly dance technique!

1) Total body strength and stamina

2) Joint stability & mobility

3) Proper posture and torso isolation

4) Confidence and empowerment

 All levels are welcome to this workout. Optional equipment includes yoga mat, 1-2 pound weights/canned goods, pilates exercise ball, barre/chair. 


All About Me

I love what I do and it makes me so happy to be able to share my passion with others. I am certified in SharQui- the Belly Dance Workout and I've been teaching belly dance since 2018.  I love teaching kids hip hop dance classes and I've taught in public schools since 2015. I teach locally in Sonoma County and online. If you would like more info, let's get in touch.


“When I started my class with Eva I had only intended on using her class for exercise and core strength. My first week she was talking about doing a performance and I thought it would be fun. During the time I got way more from her class then I ever expected, not only did it help improve my core but she gave me confidence I never thought I had. I was scared to death to perform not only once but three days we did our dance. Eva was so patient with us and helpful all the way. She never once got tired of me messing up and when the show came she was a great lead and my confidence was there because she gave me courage. I loved doing her class and now I am inspired to learn more and maybe someday teach myself. I would encourage everyone to take her class and if we hadn't both moved I would still be with her. She is such an inspiration and as a caregiver I use what she taught me to help boost my elderly clients confidence and make them smile. I would encourage anyone to go to her class!!!”

Crystal Jones


Get Yourself a Hip Scarf

Belly Dance Class Attire

Grab a hip scarf and join me for a virtual belly dance class. I offer free classes on YouTube and live zoom classes. If you purchase a hip scarf through one of my links I will get a small percentage of whatever you buy within 24 hours of clicking my link. Thanks for supporting my online classes.


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